Exaltexx Advanced Chemistry


Industry Challenges

When production falls below expected production decline the well requires costly interventions. Traditional solvents and acids are often ineffective or the results are short lived resulting in poor return on investment from stimulations.
Reservoirs with legacy deposition impeding inflow often have large molecular sized hydrocarbons stuck in the pore throats of tight permeability reservoir.


*Dramatic increase in IPR
(Inflow Performance Relationship)
*New mechanism to unlock
& create flow channels in the reservoir
*Out performs conventional chemistries
*Can be integrated into conventional solvent packages


*Matrix Squeeze

Root Cause

Most formations face issues with both mineral scale and long chain hydrocarbon depositions, which can block flow channels and impede inflow. Traditional solvents do not effectively remove the complex long chain content. Acids are not safe to handle and do not effectively dissolve some scales.

Our Solution

Stimtexx AMA is the only chemistry available that breaks down asphaltene and long chain hydrocarbon content. Solvents only dissolve a portion of the deposition, whereas AMA targets the most stubborn and most complex hydrocarbon depositions. AMA reduces the molecular size of asphaltene and long chain hydrocarbons and creates solvents through these reactions.
Stimtexx SPA HCl is a dermally safe strong acid package with full efficacy of traditional HCl without the fuming or safety concerns. It has a wider bandwidth than traditional HCl for dissolving different types of scales like FeS. The products go hand in hand to remove organic and inorganic deposition which results in a longer duration of increased production.

The Stimtexx series is field proven to outperform other chemistries through the introduction of a new mechanism to market, not available until now.