Exaltexx Advanced Chemistry


Product Overview

Stimtexx SPA HCl (Safe Performance Acid) is an ionically balanced, non-fuming and dermally safe hydrochloric acid in the Stimtexx product line. S-SPA HCl provides conventional reactivity with an extra layer of safety, over traditional and synthetic HCl treatments.

Safety & Handling

Do not mix with strong bases or oxidizers. For more information, please refer to the Safety Data Sheets available at Exaltexx.

Performance Features

  • Enables safe handling and field deployment
  • Equivalent HCl performance with no adverse reactions or precipitants
  • Compatible with all acid additives (anionic/cationic)
  • Compatible with Stimtexx SPA HF
  • Can be diluted with water/additives without losing HSE benefit
  • Simple to formulate through liquid additive blending


Stimtexx SPA HCl is a cost effective alternative to synthetic acid. S-SPA HCl can be blended to render safe HCl concentrations of up to 30%. It is designed to dissolve numerous oil field scales.

Safety & Handling

Dermal patch response test with 24% S-SPA HCl (6 hour exposure)

  • Observation intervals 1 hour to 14 days
  • Erythema and Edema observed unchanged throughout
  • No abnormal signs were observed


No signs of lasting dermal irritation. Not corrosive to skin.

Available Blends

S-SPA 1010 (10% HCl Equivalent)
S-SPA 1015 (15% HCl Equivalent)
S-SPA 1030 (30% HCl Equivalent)