Exaltexx Advanced Chemistry

Stimtexx DOIG

Stimtexx AMA Increases Oil Production 2.6 m3/day

The field operator of this Doig formation light oil well realized his well had below normal declining production. He suspected paraffin & asphaltene deposition was impeding inflow. They decided to perform a small flush/stimulation to repair near wellbore damage and improve inflow performance.

On November 15, 2016, 0.5m3 of Stimtexx AMA was pumped down the annulus with 0.5m3 of produced oil. The well went on vacuum and the well was shut in for 12 hours.

The job cost was $4,000, ROI was 5 days. (assuming $300/m3 netback)

Stimtexx AMA
Value Added
•2.6m3/d of increased oil production
•2.1 e3m3/d increased gas production
•95 days post oil production is stable at 8.26m3/d
equaling $66,000 post ROI profits and countingStimtexx