Exaltexx Advanced Chemistry


Product Overview

Stimtexx SPA HF (Safe Performance Acid) is an ionically balanced, non-fuming and dermally safe hydrofluoric acid. Stimtexx SPA HF provides conventional reactivity with an extra layer of safety over traditional HF treatments. HF acid is normally classified as GHS 1A which produces skin destruction in less than 3 minute exposure. Stimtexx SPA HF is GHS 1C, which produces skin destruction in less than1 hour and no more than 4 hours exposure.

Available Blends

SPA 2006 (6% HF Equivalent)
SPA 2015 (15% HF Equivalent)

Performance Features

  • Enables safe handling and field deployment
  • Equivalent HF performance with no adverse reactions or precipitants
  • Compatible with all acid additives (anionic/cationic)
  • Compatible with Stimtexx SPA HCl
  • Sustained safety features when diluted with water/additives
  • Simple to formulate through liquid additive blending


Stimtexx SPA HF is the only safe acid able to remove throat damage caused by silicate scale, clay material, drilling mud, and formation fines. Application of Stimtexx SPA HF improves flow assurance wherever mineral scales exist in SAGD and other areas of heavy oil production.

Safety & Handling

Do not mix with strong bases or oxidizers. Do not store in fiberglass lined tanks. For more  information, please refer to the Safety Data Sheets available through Exaltexx.

GHS and DOT Packing Group Comparison

Dermal Testing completed with 15% Stimtexx SPA HF

Stimtexx HF data table

Although signs of dermal irritation persisted to Day 14 following one-hour exposure, the
responses were not indicative of full-thickness tissue destruction/corrosion.
* MB Project: 3114311.01.001